The Languages of Abuse

February 2017 Show-The City Repertory Theatre






Agnus Angst, written by Jane Wager. Performed by Phillipa Rose

I’ve Never Met Anyone So Charming. Performed by Denise Rose

Word Assault. Created by John Spadone. Performed by entire cast.

October 2016 Show-Flagler County Art League

The Languages of Abuse and Education & Awareness campaign is a theatrical production that bring to light the effects of abuse, not only on survivors but to our society. We aim to raise awareness through stories and authentic pieces such as poetry, music, and short-plays from women that have taken their pain and expressed it in art, music and writing. These stories highlight the emotional effects, financial impact and legal struggles.



The Table of Awareness. Written by Marjorie Phoenix.


Tick, Tick, Boom! Written and Performed by Bianca Simone


You just had to show your ass. Written by Rachel Ysera. Performed by Kathryn Weed.


Music by Lady Love Rebel.




Why, written by Kimber Bergstrom. Performed by Ashley.

The entire program was sensitive, creative and educational. I loved each performance in the program for its own merit and as it came together as a full program it was fantastic. Moving me emotionally while giving me a safe way to become more self and socially aware. I applaud you all!! ~Jodi

Phenomenal program! You guys rock! ~Ann

Words can not express my enjoyment of experiencing The Forgotten Women Project yesterday. I enjoyed it so much…the poetic actors, beautiful dancers and amazing singer. They captured the essence of abused women. It provides wonderful awareness. ~ Yesenia

*Next Show-Fall 2017 in Volusia County*